Important Consumer Information

The purpose of ChangeCamp is to give members of the public a chance to try out a variety of different presentations about psychologically based methods of personal and professional development. It’s an opportunity to try out a subject, or presenter, so you can have an experience of what they are like and whether the techniques, or ideas, they present are appealing or valuable to you.

Each of the presenters is allowed to advertise courses and events that they are running for up to one year after their presentations at ChangeCamp.

The fact that presentations are advertised on the ChangeCamp website should not be taken as a recommendation, or guarantee, of the quality of the presentation or the presenter.

I can only take responsibility for my own presentations, workshops and courses. If you are dissatisfied with some aspect of a course that you have attended based on an event listed on the ChangeCamp website please address your concerns to the presenter of the training.

If you have attended ChangeCamp and seen the presenters in action then the chances are that you have a good idea about the quality of the presenter and the value of the material to you so that such disappointments will be rare events.

If you think, heaven forbid, that the event you have attended might bring ChangeCamp into disrepute then please bring that to my attention and I will investigate and take action if necessary.

Andy Hunt
ChangeCamp Organiser

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