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Newspaper sellerThis is just to let you know that if you have subscribed to the website you will now receive two newsletters from ChangeCamp

The regular newsletter will contain blog posts like this one and other information articles when they are written

The new newsletter – ChangeCamp Events – will give you a summary of events that ChangeCamp presenters are running. If you like what you saw at ChangeCamp this is the newsletter to find out where and when to take your interests further. You can find the complete list of events on our What’s On page.

The newsletters come out once a week on Monday morning (only if there are articles to send)

P.S. There may be a couple of wonky issues until I get the technology sorted out, please be patient, I’m scratching my head as hard as I can.

P.P.S You can unsubscribe from either of these email newsletters at any time (we hate crowded inboxes as much as you do, but we hope you’ll make an exception for us).

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