A Bookshop at ChangeCamp

We are very pleased to have Anglo-American Book Company agree to attend ChangeCamp. They are a premier supplier of the kind of books that ChangeCamp is all about.

In their own words:

The Anglo American Book Company was formed in 1992 in order to meet the specific needs of those interested in psychology, psychotherapy, counselling and personal growth. It had previously operated under the name of Psychotherapy Resources, which bought the well-known Changes Bookshop. This amalgamation became the Anglo-American Book Company. We are a direct sales book supplier with our systems and procedures expertly designed to provide the best possible mail order service. We also attend many major conferences, seminars and trainings in the UK with our specialist bookstall.

If you like books about psychology, personal growth and psychotherapy then you will be in for a treat. Anglo American carry a huge range of hard-to-find books on these topics.

If like me you like to check out a book to find out if it ‘feels right’ before you buy it then this is the place to be. You won’t find most of these titles in Waterstones and W.H.Smith. You could probably find them on Amazon but looking at a web-page is not the same as holding the book in your hand and riffling through the pages.

The bookstall will be available in the morning and early afternoon of the ChangeCamp day.

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