Interview about Laughter Yoga

Shrink Rap Radio Podcast

Shrink Rap Radio Podcast

I’ve just been listening to Dr David Van Nuys on the ShrinkRap Radio Psychology Podcast interviewing Dr Madan Katarian the originator of Laughter Yoga.

As always Dr Dave is a great interviewer and Dr Katarian is an engaging and giggling guest. Since he first developed Laughter Yoga groups in a park in Mumbai, the Laughter Yoga movement now has 6,000 groups world wide.

The interview covers the beginnings of the practice, how unconditional laughter benefits and a number of stories of how people have used laughter in a variety of situations (including a group of ‘laughers’ trapped in a building during the recent earthquake in Japan).

You can listen to the interview here

The interview and the interviewee are very engaging and I mention it because in the Autumn ChangeCamp on 29th October, Keith Adams of Voluntary Aspirations will be running the now traditional final wrap up session finishing a day of presentations at the event.

If you enjoyed the interview I heartily recommend the Shrink Rap Radio Podcast which has been going now for six years and has a huge back catalogue of interviews covering every possible aspect of psychology and personal development.

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1 thought on “Interview about Laughter Yoga

  1. Keith Adams

    A big thank you, Andy, for finding and posting this wonderful interview with Dr Madan Kateria. I am a member of the Laughter Network in the UK and we have our very first laughter conference in Birmingham on 19th November. Dr K is opening our conference on Skype. And I am looking forward very much to leading the laughter workshop at Change Camp on 29th October


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