Hi Andy and all of the Change Campers,

Big Thank You to Andy for accepting me as a presenter at this years autumn Change Camp.  I am very much looking forward to it.  Autumn is my favourite time of year.   I love crunching them leaves after deliberately going out of my way to find the biggest pile to walk through and I love how the plants and trees give up their harvest bounty, before retreating back into the soil for renewal and sustenance from the earth.

I do love pumpkin time.  Pumpkin soup.  Pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin wine.  Roasted pumpkin. Scary faced pumpkin.  Pumpkin lantern.

I’m thinking up a pumpkin dish to bring and share with you.

My Change Camp Presentation this autumn is all about Metaphor.  We will explore our metaphor landscapes.  Indulge in our imagined realities.  Add some direction and movement to our metaphor in a 3D spatial matrix.  What if the metaphor’s we use, have a literal meaning in our lives?  Are our metaphor’s always useful?  What if our metaphor’s were to change organically by simple metamorphosis?  So, I invite you to come with me and together……



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About Joanne Thompson

Joanne is a Master Practitioner of NLP. Her first NLP course was in 1996 and since then she has attended many NLP courses and related NLP courses and events. She has extensive experience as a problem solver, firstly as a nurse and then as a mentor for hard to reach young people in a youth work setting. She also has experience of coaching and mentoring young people with learning difficulties. Joanne has a degree in Health Sciences and is both knowledgeable and creative in her attitude to healing and wellbeing.

8 thoughts on “LET’S MAKE A METAPHOR

  1. Joanne Thompson Post author

    Many, Many, Many Thank You’s to EVERYBODY who attended my presentation. I had lots of fun. You were all great and I learned a lot and thank you for joining in and giving feedback.

    Blog to follow, with some examples of METAPHORS that WE/YOU MADE. I treasure them all.



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