Paul ‘The Bookman’ Is running the London Marathon and needs your help

I received this email today from Paul who organised and manned the Anglo American Books Stall at the Autumn ChangeCamp. I thought I’d include it in full.

Hello my wonderful friends and work colleagues.

As some of you may know on April 22nd 2012 I am going to be running the gruelling 26 miles 385 yards of the London Marathon. And some of you may be thinking Paul running, there must be a beer at the finishing line or he’s chasing after a woman or his vans broken down and he’s running to get to your conference with his books, well this time neither (well not as yet) but I am running for a great cause Children with Cancer.

The reason why I chose this charity is that a very good friend of mine son James Hakin (5years old) was diagnosed with having Leukemia earlier this year (he is now in the process of having intense Chemotherapy until the end of January) and having spoken and seen the family and seen the support and treatment that they have received, It wouldn’t have been possible without donations like you are so generously giving, every little bit counts. So hopefully I’ve now pulled a little string in your heart and helped you make that decision to donate

As for every step that I run in the first mile up to the last mile, no matter how much it hurts it will be nothing compared to what these children and their families are going through. So seen as I’m doing the hard bit you can do the easy bit by just sponsoring me. So please go to the link below:

I know some of you may be thinking that you’ve recieved this both on Facebopok and by e-mail but as you may appricate I have to collect as much as possible.

I have a target of £2,000 and hope to exceed this with your help.

Thank you all in advance.


I think you’ll agree that the London Marathon is a heck of a challenge and that this is a very good cause. Support him if you can.

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