Feedback From The 1st ChangeCamp+Plus

We just completed the first ChangeCamp+Plus workshop on Saturday Feb 4th. It was a great success.

Here’s a small sample of the feedback from the various workshops.

Brief Grief Therapy – Harry Knox

“Harry knows his stuff and listened to what we needed and delivered an excellent workshop. We were shown techniques and processes to use in the session. It was all usable and relevant. We were a small group and it worked really well.”
– Karen (Psychological Therapist)

“Small group gave plenty of opportunities to do exercises, share and discuss. Harry fantastic to listen to and so pleased to hear his experiences and see his energy at work. Thank you”
– participant

Gestalt Awareness And Activities – Iain MacKenzie

Basic and easy to understand; I can take it away and use it in my own work. Good skills of teaching. Great!
– Juliet Wilson

Compassionate Self Acceptance – Andy Hunt

“I liked the exercises and having plenty of of time to explore things I can do at home. Practical and effective, powerful yet deceptively simple. Left with a good feeling and useful tools that I can use for myself and others.”
– Lisa Van Der Velde, participant

“It was brilliant. A very practical take on a subject and completely immersive experience, handled brilliantly and I feel I can use these after the course. Thank you!”
– participant

“Hands on, experiential – some surprising results! Very accessible and useful, enjoyed it! Thanks”
– Julie Thompson, participant.

Personal And Therapeutic Toolbox – Rob McGinley

“Learnt new skill, had time and space to reflect and gain new awareness. Connected with person I was sharing “problem” with and saw a new perspective. Very relaxed, calm learning environment.”
– Carol McMonagle, participant

“It’s been varied which has been really interesting and useful. I’ve really enjoyed the group element of it. It’s nice to learn together! My favourite part is the self exploration and what I’ve learned about myself.”
– Carolyn Moir, participant

Gestalt Approach To Mindfulness – Iain MacKenzie

“I learned usable, practical skills which can be put to immediate use. The session was immensely enjoyable and extremely relaxing. I feel calm and centred and want to feel like this every day. Many thanks”
– Leigh Ord

“Very experiential which was great, nice relaxed teaching style”
– Karen (Psychological Therapist)

The next ChangeCamp+Plus Workshop will probably be in mid November.

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