ChangeCamp Presentation: Integrated Performance

This is a way to create a personal performance improvement plan or decide on a coaching agenda.  It’s something I’ve done over my years as an international sportswoman  but also applies to business etc.

Starting with an area of your life that you want to change, we’ll identify the factors that have an effect.  People often think in a narrow way so exanding the scope is a key part of the technique.  The next step is to assess those factors against current reality but without comparing yourself to other people.  Action can then be taken on priority factors and progress measured.

We’ll finish with silent coaching for people to work on their priority factor.

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About Jackie Wilkinson

Jackie is a coach with a background in science. She competed in international sport for 21 years and uses her knowledge of sports psychology alongside other techniques in her business coaching work. Her work is devoted to helping others improve their lives through her passion for food and health. She's a great fan of mindfulness which she uses daily in little ways. She runs an 8 week mindfulness course Zing!

2 thoughts on “ChangeCamp Presentation: Integrated Performance

  1. Adam Douglas

    I got a lot out of this presentation and hearing Jackie’s story of her transition from Physicist to Coach was very interesting. The silent coaching session at the end of session was very practical and stimulated me to investigate more about how I can develop my running abilities and my concentration in general. Enjoyed it.


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