Presentation: Choosing your Perspective

Have you ever wondered what your life would look like from another view point? What would you do differently if you could see things differently? This creativity workshop from Life Clubs ( will give you the opportunity to explore life through a new perspective and find exciting solutions to problems.

This is one of fifty workshops created by Nina Grunfield, author of The Big Book of Me and Daily Telegraph columnist. All of the workshops are based on the Life Clubs Puzzle of Life and run across the UK with one in Durham, Newcastle and Hexham.

Tracey will be introducing this event at Change Camp. Tracey is described by her friends and colleagues as one of the most positive people they know. Having worked in the public sector all of her career, latterly as a Learning and Development Manager specialising in People Development, she has vast experience of helping people develop and grow in challenging environments.  Currently studying for an MSc in Business Psychology, Tracey now combines her training and experience as a coach to inspire positive change for people and organisations.

‘when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’


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About Tracey Hutchinson

Following a long career in the public sector, Tracey now runs her own development and training consultancy. Much of her work is informed by positive psychology; helping people become happier and more productive. As a Business Psychologist and Master NLP Practitioner, she uses a range of techniques to help clients build resilience, hope, self-confidence/efficacy, and an optimistic way of viewing challenges. This work is based on the research that has evidenced that people with higher measurements of all of these elements will flourish and be able to deal with problems in their life more easily.

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