The Spring 2012 Season – Projection and Dreams

The presentations for this spring’s ChangeCamp are beginning to come in.

The first is from Iain Mackenzie, an experienced Gestalt Psychotherapist and Personal Development Trainer specialising in:

  • Private and confidential counselling and psychotherapy (Gestalt)
  • Personal development and counselling trainer
  • Mindfulness practice trainer and practitioner

His first workshop of the day at ChangeCamp will be:

Gestalt therapy and exploring the nature of projection and dreams

In this workshop we will discuss some gestalt theory (Projection) and explore the place of dreams in personal development and self awareness. You will have the opportunity to try some practical work involving gestalt work, imagery and dreams.

Iain has a strong interest in the benefits  self awareness, personal development and self-care skills. He is committed to the enhancement of quality of life for the self and others and believes that it is by understanding our selves more fully that we learn best to deepen the quality of our work with clients and develop successful working relationships in business.

Stay tuned for more presentations this is just the first of 16.

Image courtesy of Casey David
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1 thought on “The Spring 2012 Season – Projection and Dreams

  1. Adam Douglas

    This was a fun and interesting workshop. It was interesting to hear about what dreams meant to other people and the section on projection was enlightening, it’s weird how an inanimate object can tell you so much about yourself!


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