Interview about ChangeCamp

During a break at the Spring 2012 ChangeCamp Tracey Hutchinson interviewed Andy Hunt about ChangeCamp.

In this conversation Andy talks about:

  • How ChangeCamp works.
  • How ChangeCamp came into being.
  • What is good about it from the participants point of view.
  • How it is good for presenters.
  • How to approach it if you haven’t been before
  • and many other aspects the ChangeCamp experience

Many thanks to Tracey for taking the time to interview me.

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2 thoughts on “Interview about ChangeCamp

  1. Chris

    Hi Andy

    Just wanted to say a very big Thank You to you for all your hard work in planning & preparing for Change Camp.

    Your time & effort enables so many people to meet, work & learn together & experience workshop activity that enhances everyone’s well being & capacity to make desired changes.
    I certainly enjoyed the whole day, loved the workshops I attended & appreciated the enthusiasm of participants who joined Sue & I at our own workshop Time To Relax at the end of the day.

    Thanks again for making Change Camp happen
    Best Regards
    The Retreat People


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