Thank You For A Great Day

Many thanks to everyone who made the Spring 2012 ChangeCamp such a great experience.

Once again we had an impressive array of speakers and presentations, an enthusiastic group of attendees, and a lot of generous help from volunteers to make it all run smoothly.

Thanks once again and I look forward to seeing you at the Autumn 2012 ChangeCamp on Saturday October 27th.


P.S. If you were there and would like to add some feedback about how the day went for you, just add it in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “Thank You For A Great Day

  1. Rob McGinley


    I’d like to thank all the folk who attended my introduction to Phenomenology (especially Henry the monkey) and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did delivering it.

    Cheers Rob….

  2. Adam Douglas

    Hi just experienced my first ChangeCamp and wanted to say I really enjoyed the day.
    I got something out of each of the lectures I did, but I really liked the overall message from John Clark’s The Pickle Jar Presentation. The fact that a person can set their own identity irrespective of other people’s often arbitrary labels is really valuable. Jackie Wilkinson’s lecture was a really informative and practical taster of coaching techniques and Iain McKenzie’s session on Dream Therapy and Projection was pretty eye-opening. Met alot of canny people throughout the day and just REALLY laughed so much in the final workshop. Brilliant!

    Adam D

  3. Kelly Oliver Dougall

    Henry the Monkey loved the Phenomenology workshop along with his friend Niamh. He had a little bit of seperation anxiety but Rob helped him to feel ok about sitting on David’s knee for a little while before being returned!


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