The Curse Of The Disclaimer And The Eight Suggestions

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I confess to being rather naive.

I think everybody wants the best for everybody else and will do what they can to help.

I also think that everyone has a reasonable amount of common sense that they can use to decide what’s best for them.

In an ideal world ChangeCamp would take place with good people and common sense abounding.

Unfortunately in these litigious times it seems that every event needs a disclaimer.

As the originator and coordinator of the ChangeCamp events I have written up the following disclaimer for your delight and edification.

I have tried to make it brief, understandable and based on common sense.

The ChangeCamp Disclaimer

1. ChangeCamp is an educational event designed to let you know about different psychological change-work processes.  The information presented in each workshop represents the view of the presenter and may not necessarily match those of Andy Hunt.

2. The information presented in the workshops is educational in nature and is not intended as a substitute for training or personal therapy.

3. In attending this event you agree to take care of you own emotional and psychological well-being.

4. Each presenter is responsible for the content and conduct of their workshops. Andy Hunt does not accept responsibility for the actions of the other presenters and their presentations.

5. By attending the event you agree to these conditions

As a less legalistic and more useful way of thinking about these things I’d like to present the following as a friendlier addition to the disclaimer.

The ChangeCamp Suggestions

1. Look after yourself

2. Look after other people if appropriate

3. Use your own good judgement whether what you are learning is helpful to you or not.

4. Feel free to fully participate in a presentation if it feels useful and appropriate to do so.

5. Feel free to opt out of a presentation if it doesn’t feel useful or appropriate.

6. Make new friends and seek out kindred spirits.

7. Help out with the running of the event if you can. Joining in helps create the sense of community which ChangeCamp thrives on.

8. By attending this event you agree to do everything you can to get the best out of it.


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