Presentation: An Introduction to Core Transformation

The Core Transformation process is a gentle and organic way of healing unresolved problems by accessing one’s internal core state, imbuing the problem with that core state and thus changing and transforming the nature of the original problem or issue.

It is useful for transforming unwanted behaviours, like smoking, eating disorders, excessive drinking or other addictions.  It enhances a sense of well being and self confidence and can enhance relationships and resolve conflicts.  It offers success in transforming troublesome, chronic conditions where other forms of treatment have failed.

I will facilitate and guide you through the beginnings of the Core Transformation process, so you can experience first hand the potential it has for healing. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of Core Transformation with you and assisting you in making changes to your life.

Joanne spent some time in Colorado in 2012 with Connirae and Tamara Andreas, the founders of Core Transformation and has their express permission to use their material.

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About Joanne Thompson

Joanne is a Master Practitioner of NLP. Her first NLP course was in 1996 and since then she has attended many NLP courses and related NLP courses and events. She has extensive experience as a problem solver, firstly as a nurse and then as a mentor for hard to reach young people in a youth work setting. She also has experience of coaching and mentoring young people with learning difficulties. Joanne has a degree in Health Sciences and is both knowledgeable and creative in her attitude to healing and wellbeing.

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