Presentation: An Introduction To Releasing Trauma With EFT

Image courtesy of Unfurled

In this presentation Andy Hunt will introduce you to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) an unconventional approach to softening negative emotions.

An approach that is: safe, effective, surprisingly comfortable  and easy to learn.

In this workshop he will explain:

  • The basics of EFT or “tapping” technique.
  • The reasons some memories are traumatic and how a system that was designed to keep you safe may work against you.
  • How EFT can be used to gently take the pain out of traumatic memories of all sorts, so that a traumatic memory can become just a memory.
  • Why taking the sting out of traumatic memories can have unexpected benefits in your life.

No prior experience of EFT is required and all the learning examples for the EFT will be easy and comfortable.

You don’t need to bring any traumatic memories with you to benefit from this presentation.

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