Presentation: An Autumn Retreat

Image courtesy of Lida Rose

Image courtesy of Lida Rose

It’s been such a busy time—where has 2013 gone?!! Is it just us or is the pace of life really getting faster & our To Do lists getting longer. Where will it all end?

The Retreat People believe that the ability to relax, let go & just experience living in the moment – even for a short while, is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourself.

Unwanted stress is culminative & it’s negative impact on our health & well-being is often ignored & under-rated but The Retreat People, Chris & Sue, know how frustrating & dis-empowering it’s effects can be on the quality of our lives.

In our time together at Autumn Change Camp, The Retreat People will share with you the opportunity to experience some useful tools & techniques to deeply relax, quieten that busy mind & manage any of the unhelpful stresses & strains of everyday life so that you’re ready to just let go ….. let life flow & embrace everything that Autumn brings feeling relaxed, calm & in control yet re energised, ready to make the most of those wonderful Autumn days ahead.

We look forward to relaxing to revive with you at Autumn Change Camp.

To Enjoy Your Relaxation Retreat Please Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing so that you can experience easy relaxation exercises.
  • Lightweight cosy blanket or cover – some people like to lie on the floor although chairs will also be available (We always say, Teddy Bears & Slippers are optional! )
  • Your desire to relax, chill out & just enjoy yourself.
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About Chris Forrester

Chris Forrester is a qualified & experienced Leadership Coach & Hypnotherapist. With her business partner Sue Saunders, Chris & Sue have made it their mission to support their clients to achieve the balance in their lives that clients say that they so desperately want. Even stressed out children & teens are benefiting from Chris & Sue's stress management techniques & using their new found confidence & skills to really enjoy their lives - friendships, hobbies, school & home life.

2 thoughts on “Presentation: An Autumn Retreat

  1. Anna

    Thank you Chris! This was the most incredible and powerful session of the day! I did not only experienced amazing relaxation and lifted my mood after a long day, but also, thanks to you I already started to make see some real positive changes in my life. The session has also made me more aware of the moment and of my physical body.
    I’m looking forward to the next session with you.

  2. Chris @ The Retreat People

    Many thanks for your feedback Anna. Mindful relaxation is powerfully simple in supporting big changes so I’m delighted that you enjoyed my mini taster Autumn Retreat session at Change Camp.We had a great time relaxing to revive.

    I look forward to welcoming you to our Pre Festive Relaxation Day on Sunday 8th December at Linden Hall Hotel in Northumberland. As a busy & challenging year draws to a close, our guests are always ready to reclaim a little bit of peace & head space so it’s always a special event at a wonderful time of year.
    Chris @ The Retreat People


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