Presentation: Anxiety Resolution & Health Matters.

Image courtesy of Life Mental Health

Image courtesy of Life Mental Health

A very practical workshop from Nigel Hetherington for better and anxiety free living.

In a previous life as a software engineer, I got paid very well to do anxiety. How well does being anxious pay? Probably not very well, yet my guess is you still do it. Don’t like it and want to stop. This workshop is for you.

Anxiety to most of us means worry, stress and frankly a debilitating and painful emotional symptom. Imagination used in this way is a crippler. But …

What this also means is that an anxiety sufferer has an excellent and very powerful imagination.

If we think about anxiety as a real and polished skill, That’s odd isn’t it, we can put the same skills to work to generate, with practice, far more agreeable futures.

Because the imagination creates the feeling of anxiety, we can also, with practice, use imagination for something much more worthwhile.

Many years ago, working as a software specialist, my job was to anticipate ( that is imagine ) worst case scenarios and build into the software I wrote, ways that lead to the software working as well as possible. I got paid to worry. The difference being I could worry as a director and not as suffering human.

Being able to dis-engage from the physical aspects of worry, the stress responses, bad feelings and long term ill health and planning as best as I could, to avoid problems is perfectly normal.

Of course anxiety or let’s put another way, ahead of time, problem anticipation can serve a great purpose. This manner of thinking can help us better manage a problem. There are parts of us that do worry.

There are also many other parts of our identity that do other jobs.

This workshop is an invitation to accept and be comfortable with our many and various valuable aspects of our personality. Get more of a sense of personal freedom and use anxiety well.

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