Presentation: Individuation – Our Journey Through Life


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This workshop looks at some of the theories proposed by Carl Jung and others about the natural growth in consciousness that we all naturally seek to experience throughout life.

How does your psychological type make your personal journey similar or different to that of other people?

Where are you on your journey right now and what challenges and joys might you expect to encounter in the future?

There will be some general background to psychological type (although not a full assessment) and attendees will get a special offer for further workshops with Human Improvement.

You can expect to learn some valuable insights into the human condition and how we are all born with a general template for development that helps to guide us through life.

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About Richard Owen

Richard practices business psychology through his company Human Improvement, and personal development work through his Who Am I Really? Programme. His approach is centred around Jungian psychology and personality type theory. Richard is a qualified Myers-Briggs MBTI practitioner.

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