Presentation: The Laughter Playshop

Laughter Playshop

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“In observing children we notice that they play with their problems.  They set up scenarios and, in a very creative way, they play with different possibilities.  

In adult terms this kind of play is called creativity.  Einstein said, ‘I play with ideas’ – and he came up with some humdingers”.

– Dr Annette Goodheart Ph.D

Would you like to embrace your playful, humorous side and broaden your emotional intelligence? If so, please join me on the Laughter Playshop.  Laughter and play are natural antidotes to life’s difficulties; they lighten your burdens and help you keep things in perspective. A good hearty laugh reduces stress, elevates mood, and brings your nervous system back into balance.

We will look at the history of therapeutic laughter and the science of emotional intelligence.  Then we will get into the nitty-gritty of laughter with games and laughter yoga exercises. Laughter and play helps us:

  • Take hardships in stride. By allowing us to view our frustrations and disappointments from new perspectives, laughter and play enable us to survive annoyances, hard times, and setbacks.
  • Smooth over differences. Using gentle humour often helps us say things that might be otherwise difficult to express without creating a flap.
  • Simultaneously relax and energize ourselves. Playful communication relieves fatigue and relaxes our bodies, which allows us to recharge and accomplish more.
  • Become more creative. When we loosen up, we free ourselves of rigid ways of thinking and being, allowing us to get creative and see things in new ways.
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About Keith Adams

Keith is based in Carlisle, is an accredited life coach and training manager with a career background in business, social enterprise and the voluntary sector; he has a BA(Hons) degree in Voluntary Sector Studies. At a conference eight years ago, Keith signed up for a laughter workshop and was hooked. He then trained as a laughter facilitator and a laughter yoga leader. Since 2008 he has been providing laughter yoga based workshops to businesses, public bodies, and charities and has been closing Change Camp with laughter yoga since its creation.

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  1. Chris @ The Retreat People

    Keith your Laughter Workshop sounds wonderful – whether we’re 1 or 99 we we all deserve opportunities to learn & grow through play & of course a good laugh & a giggle boosts our energy in order to do so. Looking forward to a great workshop.


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