The Autumn 2013 ChangeCamp

ChangeCamp is a twice-yearly, low-cost, opportunity enjoy a variety of workshops and presentations about a psychological change techniques.

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The Autumn 2013 presentations include:

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Presentation: Brief Grief Therapy

Death is a part of life and bereavement is universal. For most of us we manage to find our way through ...

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Presentation: Stress Management Workshop

Stress in the workplace is widespread. It is a major issue not just for employers but for many workers too. It ...

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Presentation: Enjoy Living Life On Your Terms

Today, it is reported that over 50 million people in the UK own mobile phones, approximately 60% of those own ...

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Presentation: Rapid Personal Change By Using Metaphors

How to elicit, develop and then change a metaphor in order to effect change either within ourselves or with people ...

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Presentation: Comfort Eating - What it is and how to stop!

Desserts anyone? This session will look at comfort eating. During the session we’ll explore the physiological and psychological triggers that lead ...

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Presentation: EFT And The Power Of Slow Change

This is a short introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or "Tapping" as it is sometimes called, and what I ...

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Presentation: True Resilience ... The Viktor Frankl Way

“When we are no longer able to change a situation; we are challenged to change ourselves” - Viktor Frankl, Holocaust survivor ...

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Presentation: Anxiety Resolution & Health Matters.

A very practical workshop from Nigel Hetherington for better and anxiety free living. In a previous life as a software engineer, ...

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Presentation: The Laughter Playshop

“In observing children we notice that they play with their problems.  They set up scenarios and, in a very creative way, ...

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Presentation: NLP for Public Speaking

How to engage your audience, whilst holding your nerve. NLP can be the most valuable tool to have at your disposal ...

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Presentation: An Autumn Retreat

It's been such a busy time—where has 2013 gone?!! Is it just us or is the pace of life really ...

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Presentation: Personal Capital - Know-how, Zen and the Emotional Wheel

This interactive presentation introduces the idea of an inner and outer path to personal knowledge and personal awareness. As we live ...

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Presentation: Individuation - Our Journey Through Life

This workshop looks at some of the theories proposed by Carl Jung and others about the natural growth in consciousness that ...

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Presentation: Align With Your Purpose

Would you like to become clearer about your Life Purpose? Do you long for a sense of personal fulfilment, the feeling ...

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You don’t need to be an expert to attend, many of the presentations are pitched at an entry level. All you need is an interest in self development, therapy, coaching, training or education.

Sign up to the ChangeCamp newsletter to learn about the presentations as they appear on the website.

The cost of the whole event is £20 if paying on the door.

A concessionary fee of £10 is available for students and the unwaged.

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