Presentation: EFT And The Power Of Slow Change

Slow ChangeThis is a short introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “Tapping” as it is sometimes called, and what I call ‘Slow Change’

If you look on the web you’ll find adverts for ever faster and more powerful change techniques. Miracle cures with powerful new techniques that claim to be able sort out your life in seconds.

If you are suspicious about some of these claims (as I am) then this introduction to EFT will show you how to use a simple, but powerful, technique for daily stress reduction.

No miracle cures just a steady way to change your life a step at a time.

That’s ‘Slow Change’, it doesn’t sound like much, but over time, with each stressor reduced you can experience the compound interest of change as your modest de-stressing investment pays off over time.

As a bonus the relaxed speed of change means you have time to adjust and to integrated the changes you are making.

This mini-workshop is designed to introduce EFT and give you the skills to lower your level of stress on the small and everyday stressors that drag on our lives.

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2 thoughts on “Presentation: EFT And The Power Of Slow Change

  1. Lynn Marshall

    As always it sounds so sensible Andy. Reassuring to therapists such as myself who sometimes set our expectations too high . I have had a few “fast miracles” with clients but with the vest majority it is a much slower process. A pity I still haven’t been able to attend the charge camp but it always seems to clash with something and this time its a holiday. Maybe March next year I will actually get there!

    1. Andy Hunt

      Hi Lynn, sorry you can’t make it this time, maybe in Spring?

      I am going to attempt to video my presentation this year, so you may get a chance to see me being sensible on youtube 🙂



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