Can You Help? Crowd Funded Mindfulness Course

Graeme Armstrong, one of the presenters at an earlier ChangeCamp, emailed me to let me know of a novel approach he’s and his colleague Rachel Jones-Wild taking to get a mindfulness course to people in the North East who would really benefit from a mindfulness course but couldn’t possible afford it under normal circumstances.

They are “crowd funding” an 8 week mindfulness course for people with mental health issues on low-income. Mental health issues and low income frequently go together and this is one way that you could help get good stuff to people who need it.

This is how they describe it.

We would like to run an eight-week course for ten participants suffering from mental health problems. This course aims to give participants the tools to manage their emotions more effectively and provide a supportive atmosphere to discuss feelings without the stigma of mental ill health. Those who graduate from the course will also be given the opportunity to mentor future participants enabling them to gain confidence and new skills.

Many people who suffer from mental health problems are on low incomes or out of work. Therefore they are excluded from the majority of mindfulness courses because they tend to be expensive. Your contribution will help us to deliver the course for free.

You can find out about the more about what they are offering and how to contribute by going to their Indiegogo page at Promoting Better Mental Health Through Mindfulness

I think it’s a great idea, please take a look and see if you can help.


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