No Time To Hibernate? Then It’s Definetely Time to Retreat!

Hurray ….. Just two sleeps to go then it’s Change Camp!
The Retreat People, Chris & Sue are looking forward to welcoming you to our experiential relaxation session on Saturday afternoon.
Some guests like to stretch out & use the floor during our session as well as the chairs which will also be available. Bring your favourite cosy cover with you to snuggle under whilst you enjoy busting unwanted stress simply, easily & naturally during our time together.
We promise that you’ll be so relaxed & energised that all our Retreaters will laugh the most, the longest & the loudest when we join Keith’s Laughter Workshop for the finale of the day.
See You Saturday,
Chris @ The Retreat People

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About Chris Forrester

Chris Forrester is a qualified & experienced Leadership Coach & Hypnotherapist. With her business partner Sue Saunders, Chris & Sue have made it their mission to support their clients to achieve the balance in their lives that clients say that they so desperately want. Even stressed out children & teens are benefiting from Chris & Sue's stress management techniques & using their new found confidence & skills to really enjoy their lives - friendships, hobbies, school & home life.

1 thought on “No Time To Hibernate? Then It’s Definetely Time to Retreat!

  1. Keith Adams

    Thank you for the plug about the laughter workshop Chris & Sue. And I can honestly say that your relaxation workshop is fantastic – I’ve been a participant! xxx


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