Presentation: How To Use EFT To Reduce Unecessary Suffering

Why suffering is overrated and how tapping can help

Image courtesy of hello turkey toe

Image courtesy of hello turkey toe

This is a short introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “Tapping” as it is sometimes called, and how to use it to reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering in your life.

Someone, wisely, commented that pain was inevitable but suffering was optional.

After introducing EFT, Andy Hunt will explore how our psychological make-up makes us suffer unnecessarily and how we can use EFT to reduce some of that extra distress that we experience in everyday life.

This presentation is for people who want a short introduction to EFT and some ideas about how to use it to make their lives more comfortable. At the end of the presentation they will know how to use the technique to relieve some of stress from everyday life situations.

You don’t need any previous experience of EFT to attend.

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