Presentation: Weight Loss, The Hidden Secrets

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The secrets nutritionists, hypnotic gastric banders and coaches don’t want you to know.

This is specifically for two groups of people and there will be three secrets revealed. This is for people who want or need to lose weight and keep it off long term and for therapists offering weigh loss to their clients who want much better results long term.

Guess what ALL diets work, you lose weight, you feel loved and supported and it goes lush for a few weeks. Your clothes are breathing s sigh of relief because their elastic limits are being reduced and life is lush – that would be from starting to around the max 12 weeks.  That is secret one. Then something else happens.

It all goes pear shaped, apple shaped or something resembling a splat. Have I got your attention?

Good, as a result of this workshop you will be in the position offer the scientific advice and use your own honest motivations to break a cycle where you pay a premium to what is effectively come back for your medicine again and again, follow old eating and exercise habits  to try to keep you slim.

IF THIS IS YOU – Here are the hard truths and secrets as to why this fails and fails again and you keep investing your hard earned money and get only transient results.

There are three secrets:  One is that diets work SHORT term and then they fail. You only need to explore your own experience and follow the endless self help dieting books that come out again and again year after year. That is that one sorted and put to bed! The other two secrets for people who want to lose weight and keep it off and for therapists who want more and prolonged success for their clients will be offered in this workshop. All to be revealed…

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