Just 1 Week Till Spring ChangeCamp 2014

Image courtesy of Alexander Boden

Image courtesy of Alexander Boden

There is just one week to go until the Spring 2014 edition of ChangeCamp at the Gosforth Academy in Newcastle upon Tyne

I would like to encourage you to book your ticket on-line before the event.

3 reasons to book your ticket on-line now:

  1. You will save £5! Okay, that’s not a huge amount of money to save, but it is a 25% discount and a fiver is a fiver after all.
  2. You will help me manage the event more easily. If I get the bookings on-line then it makes entry to the event much easier for you and me and the meeters and greeters on the morning of the event.
  3. If you sign up on-line then you can book your workshop choices in advance. I will put your names up on the sign up sheets for each presentation and secure your place on the workshop of your choice

If you don’t book your place on-line you will need to pay the full £20 on the door, unless you are unwaged, a student or a senior citizen in which case the concessionary price of £10 will apply.

If I have talked you into booking your ticket in advance then I need to tell you that the on-line booking facility will close at midnight on Thursday 27th, March, after that you will have to pay the full amount at the door.

Likewise the presentation booking form for the presentations will also be withdrawn at midnight on Thursday, after that you will have to sign up on the day and hope your workshop isn’t full.

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