Presentation: How To Create An Inner Love Affair To Achieve Anything You Want

Image courtesy of Vincent_AF

Image courtesy of Vincent_AF

Most people either want to lose a bit of weight or know someone who is trying to lose weight or is following one diet or another and with a massive growing diet industry advertising the latest diet craze, slimming pill, book or fad, costing people hundreds of pounds and a lot of disappointment, it’s no wonder why it leaves people feeling overwhelmed about what’s best for them and how to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

In this interactive workshop Deborah will take you on a journey where you will learn how there is so much more to yourself than meets the eye and how you must understand this ‘hidden’ factor of your personality, if you are ever to develop yourself properly and fully achieve your goals using your inner potential.

This workshop is much more than learning how to manage your weight because you will not only learn the fundamental reason why people struggle to lose weight and to keep it off, but also how to tap into your inner potential to achieve anything you set your mind to.

You have to first be prepared to put to one side for the duration of the session at least, your most cherished beliefs values and conditioning to consider taking a different journey to get different results in your life which are long lasting. If you’re way isn’t getting the results that you want, isn’t it time to change it?

Deborah will share the number 1 reason why diets work only for a short period of time and aren’t long-lasting in the majority of cases. She will also show you how to change your attitude towards dieting by taking you on a journey where you will get a totally new perspective and valuable insights to take away to take action immediately.

The session is a unique and interactive opportunity for anyone who wants to explore why you are ‘keeping your weight on’, if your goal is to lose weight, how you can start to lose weight without dieting and understand what has been stopping you from getting to your natural weight. This approach can also be used when you are looking to make changes in any behaviour so it isn’t solely about weight management.

Participants must bring a pen, an open mind and a willingness to think at a level you might not be used to…….I will supply the paper, the enthusiasm and a bit of humour for the journey.

This workshop gives you the chance to reflect on past decisions and choices and allows you to develop an empowering new attitude in a refreshingly different way whilst you learn the number one reason how your past efforts have failed you, not only in weight-related goals, but in any area of your life.

By the end of this workshop, you will have:

  • An understanding of how your brain and emotions work

  • Clarity on how your habits work and what triggers your habits

  • A new way of thinking to help you feel more appreciative of yourself, gain new perspectives to empower you to take action

  • Something tangible that you can work with during the session and can continue to explore afterwards

  • A reliable method that once learned can be the catalyst for change (in all aspects of your life) and not just around your health and wellbeing

  • The ability to generate new, powerful and useful thoughts to take ultimate responsibility and control

  • A reliable method for helping you to achieve your desired results by tapping into and discovering your own inner resources.


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About Deborah Thompson

Deborah is the owner of UXL Life Consultants, providing life coaching, business coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy and is an experienced trainer and facilitator for transformational change, helping individuals and business owners to build resilience, increase self confidence and belief in themselves, eliminating problems and obstacles to obtain the motivation and clarity to drive forwards to become happier, healthier and wealthier. In working with a wide range of clients, Deborah understands that people usually seek her support when they recognise that change is needed, even though sometimes they are unsure as to what that change could be. Deborah’s sessions allow for self-discovery and when a person is ready for change, she helps her clients to discover the greatest sense of empowerment by facilitating them to find the answers for themselves. She says ‘what I love most about the work I do is seeing how empowering it is when a client gets that all important shift in perspective which can literally ignite their inner power and untapped hidden potential to evoke life changing events’

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