Rob McGinley’s ‘A Secret of Happiness’ – Excellent 10/10

Rob’s presentation was the best CC I have attended. Moving, insightful and very connecting.

We explored happiness not as a lecture but as a felt and progressive experience. As I looked many if not most people were moved to tears, me too, and it was totally experiential which is action into real life from this single presentation. Rob you are a real gem – thank you!

This was a perfect and structured way in exploration that lead us all in a totally safe and honest way to a present moment realisation. Bringing us all through in a connecting and well thought out way.

I will be pinching Rob’s process because this is deep and sincerealy meaningful.

Rob is one of the leading counsellor trainers at in the North East and is working from Tyne Met in Newcastle. Anyone wanting to move into the helping professions will benefit massively from Rob’s guidance and training.

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