Cooking Up A Summer Storm!

Anyone want to feel healthier, happier in their own skin or perhaps lose a few pounds before their Summer hols?
Professional Chef Emma at Outcook Cookery School & I have joined forces to ensure we’re all fit & feel great ready for some Summer fun.

Come & cook with Outcook Cookery School in Alnwick & their amazing Chef will show you just how easy it is to create dishes that are healthy, filling & full of flavour.

Of course I know you all know that healthy eating starts in the mind so if you’re really serious about losing weight naturally,I’ll be on hand to help you “Think Slim to Be Slim” sharing powerfully simple Hypnotherapy techniques with all you cooks to turbo charge that determination to change your relationship with food for good. Got the taste for it? Brilliant.
So pinnies & rolling pins at the ready & lets get cooking – do join us Sunday 8th June & let’s cook up a storm!
More info. at www.outcook.couk

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About Chris Forrester

Chris Forrester is a qualified & experienced Leadership Coach & Hypnotherapist. With her business partner Sue Saunders, Chris & Sue have made it their mission to support their clients to achieve the balance in their lives that clients say that they so desperately want. Even stressed out children & teens are benefiting from Chris & Sue's stress management techniques & using their new found confidence & skills to really enjoy their lives - friendships, hobbies, school & home life.

2 thoughts on “Cooking Up A Summer Storm!

    1. Chris Forrester Post author

      Hi Joanne
      Great to hear from you. We’ll be cooking up some smart thinking on Sunday 8th June 12.30 – 4pm. Please contact Karen Larkin our lovely Outcook Cookery School Manager Tel 07864 956371/01665 603812 ( more details.
      What’s not to like – we’ll get to eat the results of our work!
      Best Regards


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