Presentation: Beginning Clean Language

Image courtesy of Lars Thomsen

Image courtesy of Lars Thomsen

Are you . . .
Hitting a brick wall?
Drawing a blank?
Overcoming hurdles?
Buzzing with excitement?

We think and express ourselves in metaphor in practically every conversation and because it happens so naturally, we rarely realise it.

By exploring your internal metaphors you can find it much easier to truly understand and motivate yourself. By connecting with other people’s metaphors you can enrich your communication.

This technique is successfully used by psychotherapists, business people, coaches, educators, parents, health professionals and many others.

It opens a door to a new way of thinking about how people’s minds actually work.

Holly ran a Clean Language workshop at the last Change Camp, and found that people need a much more basic introduction which she is going to facilitate this time. The workshop will help attendees start to understand how powerful metaphors are in our thinking and how we can use them to help us communicate and develop.

Note: In the Change Camp main hall you can see Holly’s display of Clean Language case studies, with pictures and stories of people’s metaphoric and real changes.

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