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Image courtesy of Zer0-81

See the world from a better place

A Person with a Fixed Mindset:

On Intelligence: They may hold the belief that “I am the way I am.”

That doesn’t mean that they have less of a desire for a positive self-image than anyone else. Definitely not, they want to perform well and look good however they simply think in an unhelpful way.

To achieve their personal goals they currently:

  • Avoid Challenges
  • Give up easily
  • Ignore any criticism seeing it as an insult
  • Feel threatened by the success of other people

The Result is:

They don’t reach their full potential and feel down on themselves frequently. Their beliefs feed on themselves. These beliefs don’t change or improve with time and confirm “They are who they say they are.”

If this sounds familiar then read on…… This workshop is designed to help you. You will learn about how you can use a better way of thinking to positively impact on your life in many ways.

A Person with a Growth Mindset:

On intelligence: They believe that intelligence can be developed, that their brain is like a muscle that can be trained.

This means when they seek to achieve their goals they:

  • Have a desire to keep improving
  • They are not discouraged by setbacks
  • Failure is seen an opportunity to learn.
  • Criticism and negative feedback are sources of information for them.
  • They look at the success of others as a source of inspiration.

The Result is: They reach ever higher levels of achievement and well-being. They also feel that they have a greater sense of free-will.

Using techniques associated with Psychology and NLP this fun and interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to understand the importance of how your mindset can impact on your health and well-being.


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David Charlton is passionate about helping people achieve personal goals and optimal well-being. For the last 3 years he has worked as a performance and lifestyle consultant. David is a qualified NLP and Hypnotherapy practitioner also holding a degree in Psychology. Currently he is studying for a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Northumbria. Throughout the North of England David offers many health, performance and life changing techniques. He has worked with a diverse range of people who have faced different challenges. For example, people with brain injuries, talented performers, professional sportsmen and women. Much of the focus of David’s work has been on helping individuals manage stress, confidence building and improving performance levels.

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