Presentation: Compassionate EFT

Image courtesy of Kirsten Skiles

Image courtesy of Kirsten Skiles

This is a short and practical introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping): a very simple self help process with surprising power and show you how to use this technique to develop compassionate responses to the stress in your life.

EFT can be thought of as acupuncture for the emotions without using needles. By tapping on certain acupressure points on your face and body with your fingertips, you can significantly reduce the negative charge on memories, feelings and beliefs.

It is surprisingly easy to learn and I use and teach it to most of my clients.

Although EFT uses our body-mind’s natural abilities to quickly sooth negative emotional states, we can be easily be caught up in self-criticism and judgement of ourselves for having the problem in the first place.

When we tap with someone else for their difficulties we may feel very accepting and compassionate of their distress and have a strong wish to ease their pain.

However, when we tap for ourselves we might not feel so accepting or compassionate. We might think that it is wrong for us to have a problem, that it’s pathetic or unacceptable in some way.

Not only do we suffer the problem we can even feel badly towards ourselves for feeling bad.

Self-compassion is an attitude that can soften and soothe that kind of suffering. It has been shown to:

  • reduce self criticism
  • lower stress hormones such as cortisol
  • increase self-soothing, self-encouragement and other aspects of resilience
  • help heal shortages of caring from your childhood.

In this introduction to Compassionate EFT you will learn the basics of the EFT techniques and the principles of self-compassion and learn how to incorporate some of the principles of self-compassion into EFT so that we can soothe both the part of us that hurts and the parts of ourselves that struggle to be accepting of ourselves.

No previous experience of EFT is required.

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