Presentation: Non-Verbal Communication Tips

Image courtesy of Ed Yourdon

Image courtesy of Ed Yourdon

We all use non-verbal communication without realising it! It is not always about the words expressed. It is all about catching behaviour, expressions and emotions, by being attentive. Learn to practice being an observer! Pay attention to other people! Be alert.

Self-awareness is often about reading a situation. This introductory session is for you if you wish to learn to develop yourself by reading the non-verbal cues that people give out.

As such this session will delve into how we may go about reading facial signs. Using tips from emotional intelligence, we will explore the above in more detail.

Attending the session will highlight the importance of using non-verbal methods of communication in both your working and personal life. As such, take your communication skills to the next level and learn to watch out for subtle change.

Get clued up and become aware of non-verbal communication taking place in every-day life!

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