Presentation: Spoilt For Choice

Image courtesy of Sarah Joy

Image courtesy of Sarah Joy

We are often faced with a variety of choices we need to make on a day to day basis, some more important than others. But how do our choices make you feel make us feel? Some those choices are turning points in our lives.

If we have a number of choices it can be difficult to make the decision which to choose. Whether it’s a big purchase like a house or a car or a smaller one like an outfit or where to go on holiday it’s as choice we sometimes have to make.

Other choices are more personal and relate to our careers or relationships. The choices we make are markers that define our actions.

Those choices we make can tip the balance in our lives from going nowhere to suddenly arriving where you have always wanted to be.

In this workshop we will look at the ? steps to making the right choice and explore the role of will power, integrity and “know”ledge that will help you stand on those decisions time after time.

A choice is an act of creation. So if you want to create something good, be prepared to make a choice.

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