Presentation: No Idea What I’m Going To Do – The Sequel

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the workshop …

Image courtesy of myrmi

Image courtesy of myrmi

In the Spring 2014 ChangeCamp Harry Knox ran a wildly popular workshop without giving away the content before the event.

This Autumn he is running the sequel to that workshop, but once again he has declined to describe his presentation in detail.

Those of you that know Harry will understand that it has something to do with NLP and will be worth attending, but the only way to find out what it is, is to be there.

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About Harry Knox

With an career of over 30 years working in psychiatry in the NHS. Harry now splits his time between supervision, one to one therapy and training facilitation. As a NLP Master Practitioner and accredited trainer of NLP, Harry has a unique, humorous and entirely engaging style to change work and is the creator of ‘Brief Grief Therapy’. Well known to people within the field of NLP, Harry has a unique and individual approach to stimulating learning and development within course participants

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