Presentation: Stories For Change

Stories of Change

Image courtesy of Robynlou Kavanagh

Most of us carry stories in our head: the meanings we have constructed from our experience. They are largely invisible to us as stories, as they are our representations of reality, and thus seem to be reality.

Sometimes, we have well-established stories that are unhelpful to us. These may be about ourselves (eg ‘I can’t handle conflict’) or about relationships with others (eg ‘She’s always out to get me!’).

This workshop assumes that underneath such unhelpful stories lie others, which we can be helped to discover, and which may open up more positive possibilities for the future.

We will briefly explore the reasons for that assumption, and then participants will have the opportunity to work (in pairs or threes) with a coaching model that seeks to:

  • Loosen the Grip of an unhelpful story
  • Discover a more helpful story
  • Enrich the Plot of the more helpful story.

So come along, to banish for ever a story that has plagued your life – or to help somebody else to do so. In either case, you will gain insights into:

  • the role of helpful and unhelpful stories,
  • the power of confirmation bias in self-fulfilling prophecies,
  • the art of disempowering unhelpful stories
  • the discovery of more helpful stories that are already latent
  • the practical steps necessary to nurture and grow these more helpful stories.
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