Presentation: Stress and pain relief from laughter? It’s no joke!

Image courtesy of dbrekke

Image courtesy of dbrekke

Stress and pain relief from laughter? It’s no joke!

“Once the brain signals the body to laugh, the body doesn’t care why. It’s going to release endorphins; it’s going to relieve stress as a natural physiological response to the physical action of laughing” – Psychology Professor Charles Schaefer

Whether you’re guffawing at an episode of “Mrs Brown” or giggling at the latest Matt cartoon, laughing does you good. It’s a great form of stress relief and helps to ease pain and depression – and that’s no joke! With laughter, there is no overdose. What could be better?

When we laugh kindly at our troubles, we gain perspective and our resilience is strengthened. That doesn’t mean putting on rose tinted spectacles; it means accepting those things we can change and those we cannot.

This is an interactive, light-hearted workshop that explores the health and wellbeing benefits of laughter, humour and play.  Be warned, you will enjoy belly laughs!  We’ll be doing laughter exercises and childlike play.  The aim is to give you more ways to laugh and play in everyday life because:

  • Laughter generates increases in positive emotions.
  • Laughter humour and play are natural antidotes to life’s difficulties.
  • Laughter offsets the effects of mental stress.

Traditionally, Change Camp ends with 30 minutes of Laughter Yoga at 5pm.  Everyone welcome!

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About Keith Adams

Keith is based in Carlisle, is an accredited life coach and training manager with a career background in business, social enterprise and the voluntary sector; he has a BA(Hons) degree in Voluntary Sector Studies. At a conference eight years ago, Keith signed up for a laughter workshop and was hooked. He then trained as a laughter facilitator and a laughter yoga leader. Since 2008 he has been providing laughter yoga based workshops to businesses, public bodies, and charities and has been closing Change Camp with laughter yoga since its creation.

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