Presentation: The Positivity Toolkit


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In this workshop you will be exposed to a number of tools you can use to increase positive attitudes in your everyday life.

Make the shift forward towards positive change by being reflective and self-aware by using tools from the field of positive psychology.

Within this session learn to apply a range of tools from the positivity toolkit!  Take a step onto the ladder of positivity and learn to be the change.

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Janette Young, is a professional coach, trainer and learning facilitator. She runs her own business (Knowledge Futures) that is focused on contemporary management and leadership combined with personal development to help clients make the change and move in new directions. Janette has a background in the educational sector within UK Universities. She is passionate about personal development and personal awareness and she links this with knowledge focused management and leadership. Author of Personal Knowledge Capital: The inner and outer path of knowledge creation is a web world, Elsevier Publishers (paperback and kindle book). As a writer she combines both the inner journey to the outer path within the contemporary dynamic virtual environment.

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