Presentation: Editing Your Memories With NLP

Editing Your Memories

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Despite Harry’s own inclinations to present I’ve No Idea What I’m Going To Do: Part 3, he has bowed to requests from participants to present a (slightly) more formal workshop on NLP submodalities.

Submodalities, the qualities of our subjective experience, are a fundamental part of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

In this presenation Harry will introduce submodalities and demonstrate how they can be used to ‘edit’ our memories to make the bad ones more comfortable and the good ones even better.

No previous experience of NLP is needed for this presentation.

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About Harry Knox

With an career of over 30 years working in psychiatry in the NHS. Harry now splits his time between supervision, one to one therapy and training facilitation. As a NLP Master Practitioner and accredited trainer of NLP, Harry has a unique, humorous and entirely engaging style to change work and is the creator of ‘Brief Grief Therapy’. Well known to people within the field of NLP, Harry has a unique and individual approach to stimulating learning and development within course participants