Presentation: Overcoming Fear And Self Doubt

Fear and self doubt

Image courtesy of Vic

Many of us have experienced a time when we have had goals that we wanted to achieve only to find that we are stopped along the way after encountering an obstacle.

That is the nature of goals, they often require us to step out of our comfort zone and overcome our fears and doubts.

This session looks at strategies we can use to over come the fear and self doubt that is holding us back from achieving our goals and at the same time boost our confidence through making positive changes.


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Aly is a Personal Development Consultant based in Newastle upon Tyne. She works with Professional People in the North East to achieve their Persona Professional and Business goals. Website: Workshops: Aly also is the organiser for the Personal Development Circle North East, which is a group which brings together people who are interested in all aspects of Personal Growth, Coaching, NLP and also the Law of Attraction.