The ChangeCamp Idea Is Spreading This Autumn

If you are interested in low cost, personal or professional development there are now two more ChangeCamp inspired events to attend in the North of England.

ChangeFest – Saturday September 19th, 2015

The Cumbrian Coaching network are running their second ChangeFest event at Brathay, near Ambleside in Cumbria.

I attended the first event and it was great day in a lovely setting.

T:ESS – Saturday October 10th, 2015

There is a new ChangeCamp like event taking place in Saltburn, Cleveland in October. Diane Bowden, a ChangeCamp attendee decided to create a similar event on Teeside.

T:ESS (Tees Enhancing Skills Space) will take place on Saturday 10th October, in Saltburn, Cleveland. (I’m hoping to be able to attend the inaugural event.)

If you are in Cumbria or on Teeside please give these events your support.

I can tell you from personal experience that setting something like this up is no small undertaking.

I can also tell you that it is well worth doing. A lot of people have got a lot of enjoyment and benefit from attending the ChangeCamp events over the years and I’m very happy to see the idea spreading.

The hardest part of this is getting the word out, so please let people who you think might be interested know about these events. Tell them about it, email them, post it on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter (and if you are going offer to help).

If you are a personal change enthusiast you have a lot of opportunities to choose from in the North of England this year. I hope to see some of you at one or other of these events.

Please Note: Although these events are inspired by ChangeCamp and may be organised in the same way they are not part of a ‘ChangeCamp franchise’. Both events are organised independently of the Newcastle ChangeCamps. If you want more information about them please get in touch with the organisers directly

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