Presentation: Sports Psychology For Your Goals

Image courtesy of Steven Pisano

Image courtesy of Steven Pisano

Will 2016 be your year for a better body, efficient working or whatever else you desire?

If you’ve thought about improving your eating habits, doing some exercise or organising your paperwork for a while, this could be the time you actually crack it.

Sporting success is partly physical hard work but in the end usually depends on the mental side. I’ll share with you some tools from the world of sports psychology.

In this practical session you’ll have the chance to work through your own goal and apply the techniques.

Jackie works in business and nutrition coaching. She competed in archery at international level for 21 years and was British Field Archery Champion 6 times. Now she devotes her time to helping people improve their lives.

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About Jackie Wilkinson

Jackie is a coach with a background in science. She competed in international sport for 21 years and uses her knowledge of sports psychology alongside other techniques in her business coaching work. Her work is devoted to helping others improve their lives through her passion for food and health. She's a great fan of mindfulness which she uses daily in little ways. She runs an 8 week mindfulness course Zing!