Presentation: The Flower Of Health


Good health comes from much more than good genetics.

The elements that contribute to health can be grouped into six categories: Balance; Self-Awareness; Relationships; Physical; Healthy Behaviours; and Purpose.

In this Health workshop Holly will help you explore some health related Self-Awareness techniques that you can easily learn and continue to use after the workshop.

Having been trained by some of the best NLP Health specialists – Robert Dilts, Susie Smith, Kris and Tim Halbom, Holly has been given permission to share these techniques with you to help spread good health around the world.

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About Holly Kobayashi

Holly Kobayashi is an NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainer, Health Coach and Occupational Therapist at The Mind Spa and has helped hundreds of people to reduce or stop illness and pain and become healthy. For more information about Holly’s one-to- one health coaching or her workshops look at or for more information about Holly’s general therapy, coaching and personal development packages visit The Mind Spa is also on and