Presentation: Havening Techniques®

Havening Techniques®: “a better life through neuroscience.”

Havening Techniques® were researched, created, and being continually developed the two brothers, Dr Ronald Ruden and Dr Steven Ruden.

These methods of trauma release have been built up from a scientific basis, and their foundation is in evolutionary biology.

Havening occurs from a neuroscientific perspective, and has resulted in the development of processes which utilise our electrochemical neurological system through the influence of human touch and other pleasant sensory distractions.

Havening is derived from the transitive verb of ‘haven’, meaning, to put into a safe place.

Therapeutic professionals describe Havening as being honed, flexible, and robust in the process of helping fade disturbing memories into the irretrievable past.

Unbeknown to many, there many different types of havening which can be applied to various contexts, Event Havening, Outcome Havening, Transpirational Havening and so on..

On this session you will be guided by Carol Robertson PhD (Trainer) and Jay Arnott (Practitioner).

So come join us on this rare workshop to learn about the science and take away some real life applications!

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