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How do you deal with life’s little irritations? Many of us try to turn a blind eye, maybe distract ourselves with food, tobacco, alcohol, television, technology or busyness, so that we no longer recognise when we are stressed; we believe we have to just carry on, get over it, try harder.

Maybe we get criticised – or criticise ourselves – for being too thin-skinned, over-sensitive, intolerant. Maybe we think we’re just tired and therefore tetchy and we’ll feel better about things tomorrow.

…. and life goes on.

And we stop even noticing that some of the colour has left our life, that we have less energy, not so much joie de vivre, we seem to have less love to give and less time to give it; in fact there is never enough time to do anything but the stuff we have to do, the stuff we think we should, ought or must get on with.

….. and still we do nothing to help ourselves beyond shoving our emotional responses down, rolling up our sleeves and getting on with things as best we can. Or chewing things over and over and over, never reaching a solution, just feeling more and more depleted.


I’m here to share ways to change that familiar painful pattern by making Emotional Freedom Technique – better known as EFT or ‘Tapping’ – an easy, discreet and automatic part of your life.

EFT is a quick and easy process of tapping on the body’s energy meridians – it is a way of self-soothing and, more importantly, acknowledging and accepting the things that aren’t perfect in our lives and thereby stopping in its tracks that snowball effect of stress chemicals building up in our bodies.

Yet even experienced EFTers can forget to tap when they need to, or decide that they haven’t time to tap, even though they know so well what a difference it can make. So in this workshop, I want to share with you the quick and simple habits, techniques and strategies I use to build my own resilience, day to day, starting with the little things such as irritation with other people’s unconscious habits all the way up to world events that can trigger any of us into negativity.

By using the simplest and gentlest of approaches I have, over a number of years, moved steadily from fear and blame in my personal and working lives to hope and optimism in the face of whatever challenges I face – and I can’t wait to share these secrets with you.

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About Heather Carter

I love working one-to-one with my clients, giving them the tools for personal growth and the understanding that they don’t need to be fixed, they simply need to hear, trust and accept themselves at a heart level. With the aid of EFT I have helped clients to overcome trauma, fear, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, unhealthy habits, broken relationships and bereavement.