Presentation: Get Going!

MotivationThe rules of motivation – A Life Clubs Workshop hosted by Jane Steed

We are born motivated – we teach ourselves to walk and talk and we naturally learn and want to advance forward. But, as time goes on, fear, doubt and laziness creep in. It’s only when you have discovered what motivates you that you’ll be able to stay on track of your goals.

Although each of us intuitively knows our motivational toolkit, once you have found it consciously you’ll be able to access it whenever you want. Our Get Going workshop will teach you how to find your innate motivational tools and the self-talk that works for you, enabling you to achieve whatever it is you want.

Each of us has unique tools that keep us motivated. This workshop will enable you to learn how different we all are and what drives you on.


  • Finding what has worked for you in the past
  • Learning the ‘self talk’ which suits you
  • Assemble your motivational toolkit to get you going and staying motivated
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About Jane Steed

Jane Steed is an executive coach and workshop facilitator with a background in industry as a contracts manager. Drawing on skills from elite sports coaching when competing in sport at international level, Jane represented Great Britain as cox to the British Ladies Rowing Team and now uses her motivational and business experience in coaching.