Presentation: Using Narrative In Coaching

Narrative Coaching

Story telling is part of what it means to be human. We are natural story tellers, passing on important lessons through folklore and story since ancient times.

In modern times, the best novels and films are narratives that reveal meaning to us that shifts our perspective. In our organisations and cultures, the most inspirational leaders communicate a vision that is a compelling story of how the future can be.

Our life stories are constructed as we remember and connect events in a way that makes sense of our experiences. Inwardly, this emerging narrative becomes our sense of self. Outwardly, we present ourselves to the world in narrative too, acting in ways that fit the story.

In narrative coaching, we are seeking not to understand the facts of events, but the unique way in which each individual experiences them. Everyone brings their own individual story and narrative coaching is a respectful, person-centred approach that can help people uncover and understand their own narrative. Through doing so, we can recognise that there can be alternative stories. Both for ourselves and for our organisations.

We can re-construct our narratives and realise that we have the power to be the authors of our own life story.

Join this practical workshop to explore the use of narrative in coaching.

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About Jane Steed

Jane Steed is an executive coach and workshop facilitator with a background in industry as a contracts manager. Drawing on skills from elite sports coaching when competing in sport at international level, Jane represented Great Britain as cox to the British Ladies Rowing Team and now uses her motivational and business experience in coaching.