Presentation: Taming The Tiger Within

Harnessing and Managing Anger

As an accredited and experienced workplace and civil mediator, I come across a lot of angry people. Understanding why we revert to tiger mode when threatened or offended is the first step towards harnessing and managing anger. After explaining the process, I will teach some techniques that I use to calm myself as well as others and give a framework that is useful for these situations. 

Many people feel that there are only 3 choices when faced with something that we don’t want or fear—get mad, ignore it or run away from it. Sometimes these instinctive responses are appropriate and serve us well. Sometimes, they are disastrous. They are not wrong in themselves. However, there is another way to respond that may serve us better in some circumstances.

Research has proven that we can be firm without being fierce, respectful without giving up our principles and stand our ground. We can manage our own raging emotions and help others manage theirs. We can choose how to respond.

It takes time to “rewire” our reactions and we can’t change others except by changing the way we behave towards them. Until you tame your own tiger, you can’t help others tame their tigers, in fact you may even inflame the situation. 

Participants will receive a booklet with tools and tips.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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