Presentation: Change For Healthy Eating

If you want to look and feel better come and find out how to change to healthy eating. In this interactive workshop, we’ll work through the factors that generate momentum to start a change.

As the health of the nation slides into NHS-crippling epidemics of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, people are beginning to recognise that food is a big part of the solution.

Most of us can modify our behaviour in the short term – think New Year Resolutions, diets and boot camps. But anything that needs will-power is doomed to fail in the longer term. So the answer isn’t a quick fix but changes that last.

What led sportswoman Jackie into 10 years of misery? Overweight, tired, moody and depressed, with dizzy spells and bad skin through her 30s, Jackie is now 55 but feels 19.

Come and explore the keys to lasting change, using 3 change models to help you live a long, healthy and joyful life by eating well.

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About Jackie Wilkinson

Jackie is a coach with a background in science. She competed in international sport for 21 years and uses her knowledge of sports psychology alongside other techniques in her business coaching work. Her work is devoted to helping others improve their lives through her passion for food and health. She's a great fan of mindfulness which she uses daily in little ways. She runs an 8 week mindfulness course Zing!