Corona Virus Precautions At ChangeCamp

You can’t help but have noticed all the concerns about the developing corona virus (COVID19) outbreak. At the moment the spread of COVID19 is fairly limited in the UK so there is little reason to worry about it interfering with Spring ChangeCamp 2020.

However, we are taking a few precautions to help make ChangeCamp as safe as it can be and we would like to ask you to take a few simple precautions to help with that.

Things you can do to help us all keep safe.

If you have just come back from Italy, Iran, China or South Korea (or have been with someone who has), please do not attend the event. Stay home self-isolate and phone the NHS 111 helpline for guidance. If you are in that unhappy predicament I imagine you have already done that.

If you have fever, raised temperature , flu / cold like symptoms on or before the day please do not attend the event. Stay home, self-isolate and phone the NHS helpline for guidance.

If you are elderly (however you define that), have chronic underlying health issues or are immunosuppressed in some way you might like to consider staying away for your own peace of mind.

Please feel free to bring your own hand sanitisers for your personal use (I will try to find some extra to be available for the day but they are hard to come by at the moment).

Things we will do to help keep you safe.

We will make sure there is extra liquid soap available in the bathrooms to allow us all to do more (20 second) hand washing. Since this is by far the most protective thing any of us can do for ourselves and each other, feel free to wash your hands as often as you like.

Keith Adams the presenter of the Laughter Yoga workshop has asked that we withdraw that workshop from the event because it usually involves a lot of hand shaking and closer proximity of the participants than you get in the other presentations. (If you have signed up for his Laughter Yoga workshop you can re-enter your choices again on the online form or change to something else on the day).

There will be extra boxes of paper tissues available for your use.

As far as I can tell the risk levels are very low at the moment, but better safe than sorry.

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